Why We Choose Homebirth

As we headed into our first homebirth 4 years ago, we got some questions as to why we would do that. The short of it, I don't see myself or ever have considered giving birth anywhere else. That's it. But of course, there is more to it, it comes out when you get peppered with questions and lots of mistaken assumptions of what it is.

Well, we had such an amazing homebirth with Erin Kasper-Frett MSM, LM, CPM, Earth Mother Midwife and Mel Tourville-Smith from Wisconsin that we are doing it again in our new Cali home with Aleksandra Evanguelidi LM, CPM and Blyss Young with Birthing Blyss. I thought I would include a list of a few of our reasons for your enjoyment and to help satisfy your curiosity.

Erin Kasper-Frett MSM, LM, CPM

Erin Kasper-Frett MSM, LM, CPM


1. I was 4 years old when my sister was born at home. It was an extremely profound moment to see all of those women and my dad, literally supporting the weight of a laboring mom. And then watching my sister come into the world.....no words. It had a huge impact on me.

2. It's really safe

3. No doctors office is going to let me eat my lunch while asking all the questions, and check the baby, followed up with a chat about life. I like my 1-2 hour prenatals.

4. Why do all of the questions and scary things happen at night or on the weekend? They do. I don't have to wait for the nurse line to call me back or resort to doctor google. I have a midwife.

5. We are rather comfortable in our own home. We like it here. It's quiet, clean, and its a tranquil spot. Seems like a good place to give birth.

6. We get to have a pool in our living room.

7. I can eat and drink what I want when I want.

8. I can take days to give birth and no one is going to ask me if I want an extra push with pitocin or surgery. If I'm doing well and baby is doing well, I get to try all the positions and run the hot water out of the shower as often as and as long as I choose.

9. I get to literally lean on and pull against some really strong women. That is really awesome. At the end of Hattie's birth, every woman present (Erin and Mel our midwives, my mom, my sister and my wife) literally all had a hand in bringing forth that little miracle. Enough said.

10. I can create my birth team and know they will be there when the time comes.

11. My wife can catch the baby.

12. Our kid can be there the whole time and cut the cord if she wants too.

13. Speaking of cord, I can let that thing drain an hour and its normal.

14. I get to cheers with a glass of bubbly with the family and birth team while still in the tub with the new babe.

15. Our second gets to say he or she was born in Pacific Palisades. Who can say that?!

16. I can walk 10 feet to my bed after giving birth and stay there for weeks if I wanted too. Or just give birth in my bed.

17. It's normal. It's good. It's where I am comfortable. And that's what matters.

Here are some great resources as to why home births rock!

The Midwife Documentary by Allison Kuznia

Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)

Homebirth Choice by Jill Cohen for Midwifery Today. Tt gives the low down on what to expect

Sibling Prep Resources by Twin Cities Midwifery. We love the youtube list of videos. Hattie has been watching a lot of them. Needless to say, she's so excited! Her favorite is when they moan with mom. I'm not a much of a guttural moaner but I might have to try it to indulge her. And she NEVER misses the parts where they cut the cords. A birth worker in training? Why not.

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