On the Move! Again.


Dear patients,

I’m writing this out to give a bit more of an explanation as to what in the world just happened!

April 2019, I came on as an independent contractor, and saw patients at Mothermoon Acupuncture. The owner was going on maternity leave and I was going to do practice relief for her, as well as bring in my own patients. After she came back in August, we worked out a schedule that allowed her to transition back into the clinic, with me staying on part time and we would grow Mothermoon! However, a couple of days ago she let me know she was jumping back full time for financial reasons and it was happening immediately, and I was not needed in the immediate future. Since I do not have access to email or patient info, I have been slowly pulling things together so I can contact you all! So, sorry for the delay in touching base with all. Also, things have been moving extremely fast. I’m doing what I can on probably too little of sleep (please, do as I say not as I do) to keep this train moving on the right tracks and make sure all of you with active treatment plans do not have a break with care, and it seems to be working! All of you on the books for this week, I have a place to see you!!!! And now I can take a moment to let you in on what, where and how.


I have a place to land, just 48 hours after I found out I needed one! What!? It’s true. I know amazing people.

Stefanie Beniek with Family Tree Acupuncture, said ‘come on over here!!’

I also had many other generous colleagues offer up space as I regrouped. I feel extremely blessed to work alongside some of the best of the best and whom don’t blink when they get a tearful voice message from me asking for advise. Nothing is a permanent move yet, as i need to be in action right now. But I will take a moment to breath and plot my next course with lots of prayer and intention and thought, and of course, with all of you in mind. My new location is just blocks from the last place. (address below!) I’m praying that the transition will be smooth and you all will be able to find me and follow me there!

I am SO sorry that this happened in this way; despite it needing to be like this. I absolutely did not see it coming. If I had had the chance, I absolutely would have been preparing you all. And myself. And saying goodbye to those that I have laughed with, cried with, and cheered with in the treatment rooms. I think about you all! And I am still cheering you on! I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to meet everyone that I did over these last 4 months. Blessings come disguised in all sorts of ways, some expected and easy to spot, and a lot that are not. My hope is that you all see the beauty and blessings around you. Each of you is definitely that to me.

Thank you.


your ever optimist, cheerleader, Pollyanna,


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