I can't recommend Amy enough

Having a consult with Amy changed my life!  When I sought out her help, we’d been trying to get pregnant for over a year.  I had been going to a fertility clinic for about nine months and I was very unhappy with the care I was getting.  I felt discouraged and like we’d never get the baby we so desperately desired.  I’d known Amy for years, but we were never close.  I came across her name and thought maybe I should ask her for advice. 

She did a consult with me and listened to all my concerns.  She counseled me on my diet and helped me figure out when I was ovulating.  She was so positive and had so much faith that we’d get pregnant.  I took her advice, started the Chinese herbs she recommended, and started getting Maya abdominal massages regularly.  My attitude shifted from constant anxiety to a calm “I got this!” Fast forward two and a half months and we did our first IUI after having Amy’s help. 

We got a positive pregnancy test on the winter Solstice which just happened to be our wedding anniversary!  I can’t recommend Amy enough.  She changed my life and I’m so grateful for all her help!
— A.F.
Jackie Theis