Helping the Family

Being far from most of our family and friends is a bit different this time around. It's also the main reason we are doing these posts. We want to keep you as in the loop as possible. We have also been getting a lot of question about things we need. Thank you! We love having the support and love from our family, tribe and community, near and far. And I have learned to love to ask for help. So here are a few things that we need. 

Our situation: we left almost everything from our first child back in Minnesota. Besides what I could carry in a carry on duffel, we won't be getting those things for this new one. And that's okay. We learned you don't really need much. We have a handful of Hattie's infant clothes ready to go in the drawers. Also, we live in about 550 sq ft with 2 cats and soon to be 4 people. We are learning how to be minimalists!

So it turns out we got a boy! He is dashing in pink and we are still using his sisters hand me downs. However, it would be nice to have a few new to us things to go along with the pink, fluffy rompers we have. We are looking for anything 0-6 months! Anything would be greatly appreciated. And we have lots of other clothes to pass on!

Things that would really help us!

Baby holding. :) For the first while, we will be holding that little nugget, but I'm all about showering and bathing and will love to have friends and family pop over to hold the babe after a bit. Of course, if you are feeling under the weather, we will welcome you when you are feeling tip top and able to give the little a squeeze. 

Taking the older sister to get ice cream (dairy free!) or for a walk or to the swimming pool just outside. She thinks she will stay inside with me for the entire post partum healing, but there is no way that that girl could go for more than a day without running, jumping, and poking at a bug.

Helping to take down the garbage and put in a load of laundry. Not kidding. These stairs are killer and I won't be  going up and down them for awhile. I learned that the hard way last time, and as stated earlier, I'm planning a very restorative post partum. As restorative as possible anyways.

Post partum body/energy work. I know a lot of really gifted healers, and a lot of people who give a mean campfire shoulder massage. I would love any body or energy work you would like to pass my way, particularly in the first 4 weeks post partum. After Hattie's birth, I don't think I felt a couple of my fingers for weeks. Labor can be hard work! And I know I wasn't the only one. I think I got everyone a massage after that labor. Thanks crew!

Food. Its kind of important. Everything tastes better if you didn't have to make it. We are very appreciative of any and all help in this area. Home made and take out is welcome! Here is our mealtrain sign up.

Diapers. I did bring back enough from MN for the first couple of weeks. After that we are going to do cloth diaper service. If you want to contribute to that, awesome! 

Amazon wish list. We keep wish lists for many things. We have created one for the new kid too. These are just ideas so you have a gist of things we think we need and know we would use. We LOVE hand made and second hand. But Amazon makes it oh so easy.

Thank you! We can't wait to show off this new addition. Soon.


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